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The main Republican and conservative tenets apply locally as they do nationally. Local Government should have a role in providing essential services, common infrastructure, protection of persons and property, and little else.  Yet we see constant attempts to increase the roll and the reach of our local bureaucracy by our elected officials.  Our Committee is particularly active in our support for local and county Republican and Conservative candidates, as these positions have the greatest impact on our Town. 

Prohibitive Zoning


Zoning is essential for the organized development of a region, and helps  create and maintain a safe and aesthetically desirable community.  Zoning is also a powerful tool for implementing policies that restrict lawful and desirable uses of private property.  North Salem is notorious for the implementation of overzealous zoning regulations. In the past our Town has been found liable for zoning overreach, costing the Town millions of dollars in fine legal fees and court imposed fines.  Our current Zoning regulations are partially responsible for the outlandishly high property taxes our residents pay.  We believe that a healthy balance between an expanding tax base and an open space policy would help make North Salem more affordable, while maintaining our Town's rural character.   

Property Taxes


North Salem Residents are among the highest property tax payers in the Country.  Our property taxes are a function of County, Town, Local, and School tax levies, the vast majority of which is attributable to the North Salem School District. 

Essential Services


This is the bread and butter of local governance. It is the benchmark by which communities are compared and evaluated when assessing quality of life and desirability.  Services include Police, Fire Department, garbage collection, recreational facilities, etc.

Elected Local Officials


Our Town has several elected positions, these include the Supervisor (with a two year term), Town Council (four positions each with a four year term), two Town Justices (each with a four year term) Highway Superintendent, and Tax Receiver.  The Town Council is responsible for hiring and appointing individuals to fill the other various positions within the Town administration. 


If you are interested in serving on one of the boards/committees, please send a letter of interest to Maria Hlushko, Town Clerk at Current vacancies are below.

Architectural Review Board - 3 year term

1 Vacancy - Term Ends 4/14/2026


Town Housing Board - 3 year term
1 Vacancy - Term Ends 4/14/2025

1 Vacancy - Term Ends 4/14/2025

1 Vacancy - Term Ends 4/14/2026

School Issues
We need a dedicated school board to do what is best for our most precious commodities, our children, in line with fiscal responsibility.  "All residents are encouraged to take an active role in the development of our schools by attending the public Board meetings. 
For questions, comments or concerns, please email:".
New 2024 Election term expirations are below.

Paul Giamundo, Trustee

Brian Lange, Trustee

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