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Our Town is small, and your voice has power.  Local legislative agenda in North Salem is frequently driven by a small minority of ultra-liberal activists who believe they know what is best for our Town.  This group has pushed punitive green energy initiatives, sanctuary immigration legislation, draconian zoning measures, and un-affordable tax schemes.  

We cannot let the far left National Agenda ooze its way into our local society and economy.  North Salem has a proud and strong conservative population, with the ability to elect officials who will uphold our values and our beliefs- but we need your participation to make it a reality.

We need YOU !


We need inspired individuals who want to play a role in shaping our community through participation in the local political process, either actively or behind the scenes.  Your participation or financial contribution will help get good qualified candidates into office.  Have you ever though about running for the Town Council? Would you be a successful district leader, and rally your neighbors to get out and vote? 

The Republican Town Committee


The North Salem Republican Town Committee is comprised of District Leaders, and North Salem Residents. If you have strong conservative values and a desire to help shape the future of our Town, you may have a place on our committee. 

District Leaders


North Salem is broken down into eight voting districts.  Each district has two District Leaders, who are charged with representing the voters within their district.  These individuals are responsible for getting out the vote within their district, bringing residents' concerns to our committee, and carrying designating petitions to obtain required signatures for our candidates. 

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