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Traditional Values      Fundamental Truths      Common Sense

Who We Are
The North Salem Republican Committee is a group of registered Republican voters who have been empowered by North Salem Republicans to represent their interests. Our committee determines our local agenda, interviews candidates who would like to run on the Republican party line, and selects the candidates who best serve the interests of our constituents. Once nominated, we help gather the required signatures to give our candidate the opportunity to appear on the ballot, and rally voters within our districts to ensure that they come out to vote. We represent registered North Salem Republicans on the County, State, and Federal levels.    

Events & Announcements - 

Nov. 7th


Our 2023 North Salem Republican and Conservative endorsed candidates:

Warren Lucas for Town Supervisor

Maria Hlushko for Town Clerk

Brent Golisano for Town Council

Elizabeth Almeyda for Town Council

Daniel Seymour for Town Justice

John Aronian IV for Town Justice

Come Join us for our Meet and Greet with the NSRTC and Northern Westchester Conservatives on September 24th.

RSVP. to get the North Salem location at

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The North Salem Republican Town Committee Celebrates - click here to see our tributes


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